Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Are You a New User to the OSAP Website?

The ministry uses your Social Insurance Number (SIN) to determine whether or not you are considered a new user to the OSAP website. If we have your Social Insurance Number on file, that means you do not meet the criteria for being a new user.

Are you wondering how your Social Insurance Number could have ended up on our files? Here are a few possibilities:

You have already registered yourself on the OSAP website

It could have been recently or a long time ago. Regardless of when you registered, you would have provided us with your Social Insurance Number, as well as created your OSAP password. When you completed the registration process, you would have also been assigned an OSAP Access Number (OAN).

You submitted a paper application for OSAP funding

Have you ever submitted a paper application for any of the following OSAP aid programs: OSAP for Full-Time Students, Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) or Explore? If so, we would have added your information to our files. While this may be the first time you have visited the OSAP website, you are not considered to be a new user to our programs.

When in doubt, try to register yourself through the New User Registration link located on the OSAP Website Log In Page. If you are not considered a new user, the computer will let you know when you submit the required registration information.

    By the way…

    If the answer to your registration attempt was that you are not considered as a new user and you don’t know (or remember) either your OSAP password or OAN, don’t worry. Check out the Forgot Your OAN? as well as Forgot Your Password? links located on the left hand side of the main log in screen for further assistance.