Régime d'aide financière aux étudiantes et étudiants de l'Ontario (RAFEO)

Proving Your Identity

Your identity will be verified before any form of OSAP funding (i.e., funding certificates and/or grant cheques) will be given to you.

  • If you are attending a school located in Canada, your financial aid office will be reviewing the documents that you provide to confirm your identity.
  • If you are attending a school located outside of Canada, you will be providing documentation as part of your application that will be used to verify your identity. The type of documentation will be outlined to you as part of your application process.

If you are attending a school located in Canada, you will be required to provide two forms of identification:

Required Identification #1:

  • one piece of valid photo ID issued in Canada by the federal, a provincial or a territorial government. You can provide the actual identification or a legible photocopy or facsimile (fax) of the documentation.

Examples of acceptable forms of photo ID are:

  • a valid driver's licence,
  • passport,
  • provincial health card with photo,
  • BYID card (issued by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario), or
  • permanent residency or citizenship card

Required Identification #2:

  • proof of your Social Insurance Number.

Examples of proof of your Social Insurance Number include:

  • Your Social Insurance card (a photocopy is acceptable),
  • an official Government of Canada document that indicates your Social Insurance Number (e.g., a Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment, a Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions, or a Confirmation of Social Insurance Number from Service Canada).

Only SIN cards issued by the Canadian Government are acceptable for OSAP identification purposes.

Unacceptable Documentation:

The following documentation is not acceptable for OSAP purposes to verify your identity:

  • Student ID cards,
  • T-4, T-4A, T-5 documents, or
  • “replica” SIN card not issued by the Canadian government (i.e., Those which can be purchased by independent vendors which are usually gold in colour.)

What to Do if You Don’t Have the Right Identification

You must go to the appropriate government agency in order to obtain the government-issued photo ID in order to receive your loan/grant funding certificates and/or grant cheques.

If you have any questions about the requirements for proving your identify, please contact your financial aid office.