Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Financial Planning

Choosing Wisely

Your investment of time and money into postsecondary education and your decision to apply for student loans and grants are significant.

To help you make a more informed choice of studies below is a link to information on:

    • Ontario Student Loan Default Rates,
    • Graduation Rates,
    • Graduate Employment Rates,

by program for postsecondary institutions in Ontario; and other considerations for obtaining student loans such as Repayment Assistance and the Ontario Student Opportunity Grant:

Ontario Student Loan Default Rates and Related Factors

Other forms of financial aid

OSAP is not the only form of financial aid available. Ontario universities and colleges have their own financial aid programs as well as scholarships, grants and bursaries. Many organizations (such as your employers, volunteer organizations, fraternal groups and religious organizations) also offer scholarships and bursaries. Most financial institutions also offer a student loan option.

Keep reading for other ways you can help fund your future education goals: