Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Permanently Locked Out?

The security features on the OSAP website are designed to ensure the information you provide as well as information from your financial aid office is kept safe. There is a limit on the number of incorrect attempts to log into the website to protect against computer hacking.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to log into the OSAP website, we place a temporary 30 minute restriction on any further log in attempts. You have to wait for the full 30 minutes to pass before any log in attempts will be considered.

If you continue to make unsuccessful attempts to log into the OSAP website once the temporary restriction is over, you will find yourself presented with a message indicating that you are permanently locked out of the OSAP website. Once you are permanently locked out of the site, you have two options available to you in order to get your access restored, as explained below.

For security reasons, we are unable to provide temporary passwords over the telephone or via fax.

Option #1: Obtain a Temporary Password in Person

You can go to the nearest financial aid office at any Ontario public college or university to obtain a temporary password for the OSAP website.

When you go to the financial aid office (which doesn’t have to be for the school that you are or will be attending), you must bring the following two types of documents with you:

  • Proof of your Social Insurance Number. This proof can be your Social Insurance Number card or an official Government of Canada document that contains your Social Insurance Number (e.g., a Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency or a Confirmation of Social Insurance Number form completed by Service Canada).
  • Your government-issued photo identification. Examples of acceptable identification include your provincial driver’s licence, Canadian passport, Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizenship card or provincial Health Card containing a photo. The identification you bring must be valid (e.g., NOT expired) and legible (easy to read).

Once you have satisfied the above requirements, you will be given a temporary password for the OSAP website. You will log in with your temporary password, along with your OSAP Access Number (OAN). After successfully logging in, you will create a new password that you will then use for future website access.

Option #2: Use the Temporary Password Request Form

The Request for a Temporary OSAP Password is a three-part form. You complete the first section of the form. You then take your form, along with your proof of Social Insurance Number and government-issued photo identification, to a person who works in one of the occupations listed on the form. This person will confirm your identity against your documentation and then complete the second and third sections of your form.

Send your completed form, along with copies of the documentation used to confirm your identity, to the Student Financial Assistance Branch. You can send this by mail or by fax. Once your request has been reviewed and approved, you will be mailed a letter containing your temporary password.