Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Do I Have an OSAP Access Number (OAN)?

You may, in fact, already have your very own OSAP Access Number (OAN). Listed below are several ways in which you may have received an OAN.

You registered yourself on the OSAP website

When you register yourself as a new user on the OSAP website, you are automatically assigned an OAN. This OAN then remains with you, even if you never apply for OSAP aid.

You have applied for OSAP funding on a paper application

If you have ever applied for a OSAP funding (e.g. OSAP for Full-Time Students, Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), or Explore) on a paper application, you have been assigned an OAN.

Don’t know your OAN? Don’t worry. Check out the Forgot Your OAN? link located on the left hand side of the main log in screen.