Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Types of Online Applications

There are two types of online applications: a full application and a renewal application. When you apply OSAP determines what type of application is most applicable to your situation.

    Renewal Application

    For students that are continuing in the same program at the same school, chances are you will be presented with a renewal application. The renewal application is shorter - you only have to complete information that is relevant to your new study period. That means you don’t have to fill out a lot of questions concerning your school, program, study period and personal information because it is already on file.

    However, because that information is very important, we present it to you so that you can indicate if there has been a change. If you indicate that there has been a change to your school, program, study period or personal information, you will be given a full application to complete. It is designed like this to ensure that we get all your correct information so that we can do an accurate assessment and determine the right amount of aid.

    Full Application

    If you have never applied for OSAP you will have to fill out a full application. You may also have to fill out a full application if you have applied before but are taking a new program and/or are at a new school. Regardless, the application process will be tailored to your personal situation and you will have to answer only those questions relevant to you