Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Gross Income

Note: This definition is specific to the OSAP Application for Full-Time Students

You must provide all taxable and non-taxable income from all sources, world-wide (except if it is an income item from the list of Income - Not to be Reported in your OSAP Application provided below). For example, you must include employment, child-support and alimony payments, monetary gifts, lottery winnings, and government benefits, Extended Care and Maintenance Payments, cashed-in RRSPs, cashed-in RESPs, withdrawals from retirement accounts, withdrawals from trust accounts, income received as a result of a joint election to split pension income, the amount of non-economic loss and/or pain and suffering awards in excess of $100,000, and any other income (e.g., awards, scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, grants, interest, investments, and/or trust fund income). All income is verified with Canada Revenue Agency. The ministry may also contact any of the government bodies that administer income support in order to verify income. 

Income - Not to be Reported in your OSAP Application

There are certain income sources that you should not report in your OSAP application:

  • GST Rebates,
  • Child Tax Benefit,
  • Universal Child Care Benefit,
  • Ontario Child Benefit,
  • Ontario Child Benefit Equivalent Savings Program,
  • Rental Opportunity for Ontario Families (ROOF),
  • OSAP funding, including:
    • student loans,
    • Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarships,
    • Canada Student Grants, Ontario Access Grants,
    • Ontario Access Grant for Crown Wards,
    • Ontario Student Opportunity Grants, Distance Grants,
    • Textbook and Technology Grants, and
    • Transition Grants.

DO NOT include an award, bursary, and/or a needs-based scholarship from an Ontario public college or university, if that postsecondary institution informs you in writing that they will report it to OSAP directly.  If you have not received notification in writing from your postsecondary institution, then you must report this income.