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Canada Student Grant for Persons from Middle-Income Families (CSG-MI)

Academic Year:
Who It’s For:
Full-time students from middle-income families
Type of Aid:
Amount of Aid:
$100 per month up to a maximum of $1,200 per academic year
When to Apply:
Applications are available in April
See application deadlines below
How to Apply:
Use the 2012-2013 OSAP Application for Full Time Students


The Canada Student Grant for Persons from Middle-Income Families (CSG-MI) provides eligible Ontario students with financial assistance to help pay for their tuition, books, mandatory fees, living costs and transportation. It is available to full-time postsecondary students attending approved institutions. The grant is available for all years of an undergraduate degree, certificate, or diploma in a program of at least two years (60 weeks) in duration.

Amount of Aid

The maximum amount of the grant that you may receive is $100 per month of study. You can receive an annual maximum of $1,200 for one academic year.

This is a fixed amount. This means that if you are considered to be eligible, the amount of the grant is calculated as $100 per month of study to a maximum of $1,200 per academic year. The amount of the grant that you receive may exceed your assessed need.

    Example #1

    If you qualify for the grant and you have an assessed need of $600, you will receive a $800 grant (assuming you study for eight months). In this case, the grant would cover your assessed need and you would not need a student loan.

    Example #2

    If you qualify for the grant and you have an assessed need of $1,500, you will receive a $800 grant (assuming you study for eight months), and you will be eligible for a $700 student loan.

Who Can Get This Aid

To be considered for this grant, you must meet the eligibility requirements for Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan. In addition, you must also meet the following requirements:

  • You are from a middle-income family.
  • You are enrolled in an approved multi-year program that is at least two years in duration at the undergraduate level.
  • You have been assessed as having at least $1.00 of financial need under the Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan.

    Middle Income Cut-Off Thresholds

      Family Size
      7 or more
      Previous Year’s Income

    Family Size Criteria

    Determining Family Size:

      • Dependent – Parent(s) and all dependents reported on the OSAP application
      • Independent – Family size of one
      • Married/Common-Law (spouse employed or other)- Student, spouse and any dependent children
      • Married/Common-Law (spouse in postsecondary)- Student and any dependent children
      • Sole-Support Parent – Student and dependent children

    Previous Year’s Income

    As per federal requirements, only previous year’s income is used to assess a student’s eligibility for this grant. There is no review to assess grant eligibility based on an estimate of current year’s income.

      • Dependent students: Previous year’s parental income is considered. Student income is not taken into consideration.
      • Independent students and Sole-support Parents: Only the student’s previous year’s income is taken into consideration.
      • Married students: Previous year’s income for both the student and spouse is taken into consideration.

How to Apply

You do not have to fill out a separate application form for this grant, because your eligibility is based on the information supplied on your OSAP Application for Full Time Students. Use the 2012-2013 OSAP Application for Full-Time Students. This application is available online or in paper format. Applications are usually available early May. For complete details go to Filling out your Application.

    Application Deadlines

    The deadline to apply is 90 days from the end of your study period.

Documents You Need to Provide

There are no specific documentation requirements for this grant.

What Happens After You Apply

Your OSAP Application for Full Time Students is processed and your eligibility for the program is determined.

How to Check the Status of Your Application and Amount of Aid

Information about the status of your application is available on this website. Just log in to find the latest information. Remember to provide us with your e-mail address and we will send you a reminder whenever there is a change to your OSAP file. OSAP will also send you paper notification if you request it on your online application.

For complete details on checking the status of your application, go to Review your Application.

How and When You Get Your Aid

The way that you get your aid is changing for 2012-2013. For complete details go to Getting your Aid.

How A Change To Your Situation Affects Your Aid

    Early Withdrawals and Changes in Eligibility

    If you withdraw from studies or change from full- to part-time status within 30 calendar days of the first day of classes, the National Student Loans Service Centre will convert all or part of any Canada Student Grants that have been issued to you into a loan. 

    Furthermore, if a reassessment of your application determines that you are ineligible for previously issued Canada Student Grant(s), all or part of those grant(s) will be converted to a loan in accordance with the conditions stated in your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement.

    For more information on Canada Student Grants and the conditions under which they may be converted to a loan, please contact the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC).