OSAP Loan Counselling Session:


Loan Repayment and Repayment Assistance

This session provides a general overview of loan repayment and repayment assistance. More detailed information on these and other aspects of OSAP are posted on the OSAP website.

The session takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. At the end of pages 2 to 5, you will be asked a multiple choice question. Upon completing the session, you will proceed to the OSAP application. If you complete this session and later re-apply for 2010-2011 OSAP assistance, you will go directly to the formal application.

Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loans

  • The provincial and federal governments offer grants and student loans to eligible students. In Ontario, you receive your federal/provincial loan awards as a Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan.
  • Students agree in writing to repay the loan as a condition of receiving a student loan.

What is the maximum weekly loan?

  • Maximum Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loans per study week are as follows:
  Single student with no dependants Student who is married, in a common-law relationship, or who is a sole-support parent
If you are enrolled at: Your weekly maximum is: Your weekly maximum is:
A public college or university in Canada $360 $560
A private postsecondary school in Ontario $360 $560
A private postsecondary school outside Ontario approved for student loan purposes $210 $210
A postsecondary school outside Canada approved for student loan purposes $210 $210

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